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  • In a world where dreams can be shared and manipulated, two strangers find themselves drawn to each other through their nightly escapades. They have never met in real life, but they know each other’s deepest desires and fears. As their connection grows stronger, they begin to question their reality and their identities. Are they really who they think they are? And what will happen when they finally wake up?
award-winning talent on deck

Making Dream

Paris Film Pictures are delighted to join forces with Delver Media and Cecil Ardisson to create this visually stunning, stylish and captivating Movie.

This special union on this exciting project combines Film Industry foundations with Paris Film Pictures, Delver who are a Music production and media company and Cecil Ardisson which dominates high fashion and contemporary style.

We believe combining these artistic styles into a movie are fundamental ingredients to make something special


Due to the theme, style and look we were aiming for we didn’t struggle when we decided to shoot this film on location on the California east coast of Santa Barbara. Our talented location scouts found the stunning locations to depict the dynamic scenes. 

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Online film preview
Cecil Ardisson
Designer | Photographer

Main Cast


Andrew Osei-Karmen


Saskia Lauren

Main Crew

Director - Richard Nicolson

Director Of Photography - James Herne
Production Assistant - David Webb 
Visual FX - Marcus Ross

Cinematographer - Cecil Ardisson

Makeup - Gemma Lee
Editor - James Herne
Sound Editor - Chris Jacobs

Writer | Developer Marcy Gray & CECIL ARDISSON

Score - Darius Delver
Production Assistant - Paul Clough
Production Assistant - Debra Rose

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